Neth Plant

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Umbraculifera’
Mop Top Robinia


Mophead Robinia are an incredibly versatile standard tree. With their naturally rounded canopy they make a striking driveway and framing tree.

They are a great option for small spaces like courtyards because the size of the head can be controlled.
They require little maintenance to maintain a lovely classical manicured look.
The Mop Top is robust , coping well with wind, heat, drought, frost, pollution and poor soils.
Because the Mop Top naturally grows small, it is ideal for planting in confined areas or creating avenues.

Mop Tops are deep-rooted legumes that allow grass, flowers and shrubs to thrive around their base.

Pick up or delivery from Dandenong or Clyde

35 cm pots
6ft standard height
Price $85 each


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