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Professional consultancy for landscape architecture / horticulture and plant pathology

As we passionate in loving, caring and studying plants since our childhoods, it has been ingrained into our DNA to start as a hobby and turned into a social cooperative venture. Our prime rule is to be satisfied the customer with quality plants and services we catered. Meant our brand “Neth Plant” popularity grew because we concern and love plants as you do. And we always guarantee you of our quality products in our Plant Nursery.

We welcome our clients to share their issues and other matters relating to the gardening and willing to share our achievements and failures with the clients to improve their plant reading ability rather just selling our plants or products. Our thumb rule is “if we wouldn’t put our garden then we won’t sell it to our clients.

We, Neth Plant Nursery based in Dandenong and source our products throughout the Australia in order to bring you quality with happiness. Our range offer you great choices for outdoor as examples deciduous trees to evergreen, ground cover to canopy trees, full sun to shady loving, small shrubs to large shrubs, screening, hedging and ground cover roses to Standard weeping roses and simply all for major outdoor landscaping to interiorscaping.

Rather than our products, we offer modern trend and facilities to design your garden more beautifully and beneficially eliminating the problems encountered and harmonizing with the surrounding and happy to provide expertise in floriculture, interior designing and landscaping.

Please surf our online plant catalogue for quality products and competitive prices and all our plants are acclimatized to Melbourne climate before reach your hand.

We opened our doors since 2017.

Our Vision

To be icon of greening.

Our Mission

Dedicated to sharing our passion for nature with high quality plants alongside correct, accessible information and guidance committed to stimulating research and innovation in landscape architecture.
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