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Diospyros kaki ‘ Jiro ‘
Dwarf Persimmon Bare-Rooted


The dwarf Jiro Persimmon is a stunning deciduous tree producing large, crunchy, sweet fruit in a vivid bright orange colour with a bright green calyx.
Persimmon trees are truly spectacular.
The Ichikikijiro – generally known just as ‘Jiro’ is a non astringent variety meaning that you can eat it crisp like an apple straight from the tree.
The dwarf Jiro is an ideal tree to pots or garden.
Koro is a early fruiting variety and the fruit are flattish on top with a slightly squared shape.
The name Diospyros quite literally means ‘Food of the Gods’ and it is a name that is well-deserved.

Bare rooted
Price $65 each


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