Neth Plant

2 Way Apple ‘Gala , Red Fuji’
Fleming’s Bare-Rooted


They are multi-grafted trees with different fruits from the same family grafted together on the one tree.
All the fruits retain their own characteristics like flavour, appearance and ripening times. Fruit Salad Trees can be grown in a pot or in the ground, perfect for your balcony or backyard.
They comes with most compatible varieties together, so they are self fertile.

Gala apple is a delicious, round apple with an excellent sweet flavour and firm, crisp juicy flesh.

Red Fuji apple produces a crisp, firm and juicy apple good for eating fresh and brewing into cider. The fruit is medium-sized with skin colour described as a dull red over a green-yellow background with some russet tones.

Multiple grafted 2 way
Price $65 each


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